Posted: January 1, 2008

Subsequent talks in 2007 have included Adult Osteogenic Sarcoma and Lung Cancer in Women. This talk was a summary of the interesting and conflicting literature about lung cancer in women being a distinct entity with a different outcome from that seen in men. As can be seen in the talk the incidence of lung cancer in women is catching up to that seen in men; for every two women who will die of breast cancer this year, three will die of lung cancer. The death rate for lung cancer in men peaked several years ago and is declining. For women it is increasing. In addition the role of estrogens in the cause and virulence of lung cancer is discussed. On August 24, Dr. Stark spoke about the approach to blood clotting in patients about to undergo major surgery. Click here for the talk.

Further talks included an update on prognostic factors in getting and surviving breast cancer entitled Breast Cancer: Who Gets It and Who Survives, a review of lots of very new information including the use of decision-tree analysis of genetic alleles in predicting cancer risk; a talk on Stage IIIA Lung Cancer, including updated survival information using modern multi-disciplinary treatment; and a much-anticipated talk on Bisphosphonates in Health and Disease, reviewing the latest data in osteoporosis.