Posted: January 1, 2012

Additional lecture topics included Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia, a rare and serious group of blood disease. He presented two cases from his own practice and the strategies used to treat these particularly difficult cases. The talk can be viewed here.

Dr. Stark along with Dr. Rich Auman and Dr. Jerry Singer gave a presentation on Poor Risk Testicular Cancer — emphasizing the role of tumor markers in assessing prognosis.

In December Dr. Stark presented a talk on melanoma with Dr. Jeffrey Riblet and a talk on thyroid cancer with Dr. James LaRocque. Continuing the theme of his interest in molecular biology and genitourinary cancer Dr. Stark presented with Dr. William Julian a talk on von Hippel Lindau Disease. He next presented a talk on current concepts in Myeloproliferative Disorders.

Topics for talks in 2011 included bladder cancer, prostate cancer, and two talks on malignant melanoma — one on the differential diagnosis and the other on a rare complication of therapy.